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Hi Everyone. Our Graphic School House was created to help young graphic and motion graphic designers share their experience, knowledge, and styles. There is more power in a team than in any individual. How about we create a team? Let's share, comment and challenge your designs. In here you will find free help and useful tips for approved apps. You will be able to give others advice and help them on a specific topic. Please use our discover/submit_content form to publish a question or article. All publication will be review before going live. Read our grid posts resize them and move them freely. Most of all have fun!

  • dancing robot

    poster by: tomo

    How I've created Dancing Robot using Blender from blender.org. Check the article by clicking hyperlink above.

  • ireland graphic

    Smart Ideas.

  • logo design how

    poster by: nati

    How can I design a modern logo? What technique, which application.

  • graphic design
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    Your Post

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  • after effects about
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    poster by: tomo

    after effects article

    After Effects - Graphic Design App. Tutorials & Templates

  • blender 3D

    poster by: damian

    About Blender. Which program would you recommend for 3D graphic and animation design?

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  • young designers
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    poster by: john

    free images article

    Free Photos, Videos and Graphic. Useful web links and advise. Check where you can find them.

Graphic Designs

This section is dedicated to static graphic projects like logo design, posters, banners, leaflets, and business cards. We'll do our best to list few tips and suggest some websites where you can publish your designs. If you have a question or article in mind, please share your thoughts and feel free to submit to our articles section.

  • static graphic apps

    poster by: michael

    Static Graphic Design Apps. Which application I should choose.

  • graphic designer
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    poster by: tomo

    view designer article

    Become a graphic designer

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    Illustrator Alternative

    poster by: Katy

    Can anyone suggest an application like Illustrator but free? I know about Inkscape from this blog, but is there anything else worth investing my time in? Katy

  • graphic articles
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    Static Graphic Design

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  • design apples

    Create an action plan

  • web graphic design

    Web Graphic

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Motion Graphic - How to

We all noticed an increase in motion graphic designs for advertising and business marketing industry. Today we can see them on the Youtube, Vimeo, and TV. Also, a large part of gaming industry using them for video sequels in their presentations. In this section and below you will find useful articles about motion graphics and video animations. You can read and comment on these, share your experience and suggest different design techniques. Remember, you can also use our discover button to submit your question. If you would like to comment, please enter the article page and comment below. In this section you will find four simple steps you need to consider when creating your motion graphic design or video animation.


Come up with a good idea. This might be inspired by everyday events or something that you always wanted to build. Search the net, see what you can do using your application of choice.


This is a very important step. Consider which app you will use to create your video, perhaps a combination of apps. Draw timeline, plan where it needs to be displayed. Does it need the sound?


Get to work and start building and compiling. Always make sure you create a backup copy in case you app crashes. Stick to the plan, and keep watching and reviewing your compilation.


Publish your design on social media, video websites like Youtube or Vimeo ( few more links in our websites section ). Don't underestimate your skills, expect criticizm and stay positive.

Video Art and Motion Graphic

Remember Graphic School House is a place where you can share knowledge and experience with young graphic, video and motion graphic designers. This section is dedicated to video and motion graphic designs. On the left side in Windows 8 modern UI Tiles you can post your question about the video or motion graphic you've created. Your can move and resize our tiles. If you posting an article, please take us through the design process and explain how you've created your animation.


If you seeking help, please explain what you need to achieve in the final design and what software you're using in your project. We are NOT specializing in all video software but the more readers we will bring to our team the easier will become to answer all queries. We are linking with web design and 3D animation specialists across the globe so there always be someone to help you with your project. Even if we don't know the answers we will try our best to help and direct you to the relevant web posts.

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  • egg animation

    poster by: tomo

    Why Motion Graphic and how I can add my video to my website.

  • motion graphic

    Motion Graphic

  • which camera

    I would like to buy a good video camera for my motion graphic projects. Could you please recommend one? My budget is £500.

  • post icon


    poster by: Martin

    Can anyone please publish an article on Blackmagic Fusion8. I'm looking for some websites with good tutorials. martin

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  • more articles

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  • creative graphic

    Be Creative

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graphic design websites


Below you will find a list or websites worth knowing, visiting, and publishing your designs. No doubt there are more you can use, however only these are Free and have been tested for SEO and no spam activities. In individual posts, you will find more links. If you know other sites worth mentioning, please submit an article.

- All popular social media and video websites
- Behance : www.behance.net
- Logorium : www.logorium.com
- Logofury : logofury.com
- Motion Grapher : motionographer.com
- The Design Inspirations: thedesigninspiration.com/

- You Tube and Vimeo
- Blender Guru : www.blenderguru.com
- Video Copilot : www.videocopilot.net
- Lesterbanks : lesterbanks.com

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